1. Sat Sri Akal G
    Many many thanks for providing sweet Gurbani to our Pappi ears while searching for Hukamnamas.
    Now-a-days we are receiving it a bit late. Sarna veer g I am senior to you 51born and undergone bio pass surgery and also now advised sugar control medicines. Aboveall in morning we need time for Baba G.So request is to please mail it us if it becomes late.
    Thankyou once again.

  2. Thanks Sarna Veer G
    My whatsapp mobile no is
    9654278296. I would request you to take pains only when it becomes late fully or partially as today Nankana Sahib & Punja Sahib,s Hukamnamas become late, but I appreciate for publishing rest Hukamnamas very early
    Wahegur g ka khalsa Wahegur g ke Fateh.

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